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Método global, Vol. 2

Mètode global



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  • Arrangement: MURILLAS, Lluís
  • Ensemble: Solo.
    Duos: .
  • Genres: Musical education: Instrumental study repertoire; Instrument methods.
  • Language: Castellano/Català
  • Product format: Libro
  • Difficulty level: Elementary
  • Period: 2nd half S. XX - XXI
  • Publishing house: Editorial Boileau
  • Collection: Guitarra. Método Global
  • No. of pages: 112
  • Measure: 31,00 x 23,00 cm
  • ISBN: 978-84-15381-12-9
  • ISMN: 979-0-3503-1958-7
  • Available in digital: No
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I think that the important thing about a methodology is not only the concepts or knowledge to impart, but also the graduality of its contents and the progressive approach of technical and conceptual difficulties.

Always avoid excessive difficulties that may leave the student stuck or stuck in an exercise or at a point of learning. It is advisable to achieve a progressive and fluid approach to teaching material so as not to demotivate. When writing these books this has been my first premise. To approach this idea I have been experimenting and observing different versions with my students, until getting them to have the progressive structure of exercises and knowledge that we present to you next.

They say that the best way to make a house is to begin with the foundations (not the roof) and I think that this can also be applied in the learning of an instrument. Sooner or later, a student who advances in the study of the guitar will find the need to learn the basic pillars of the musical language. These include reading, either by their own value or to understand the formation of intervals, chords, scales, harmony, etc. The most sensible thing is to start your practice at the same time that you start with the instrument, and if you already know how to do something, such as playing chords, the path to language control will be much easier and more stimulating. It should also be noted that this path can be traversed, to a large extent, with only these courses applied directly to the instrument.

Sometimes the guitar student is an atypical student compared to other instruments. It may be that he asks to play only songs, that he does not practice the musical language or that he is not clear that it is necessary to follow a methodology. In these cases I think it is worthwhile to alternate the work in the two fields: helping him in the repertoire he proposes - whenever his technical possibilities allow it - and in the methodology, so that he has more and more autonomy.

Lluís Murillas

Ei, ukhnem! 
El Danubi blau (R. Strauss) 
El matí (E. Grieg). 
El pobre alegre 
Estudi Estudi (fingerpicking) 
Estudi núm. 1, opus 60 (F. Sor) 
Fifth chords rock
Glory, glory, allelujah
Grècia Guillaume Tell (G. Rossini) 
Happy birthday 
Hop a long Hop-a-long 
I'm a-leavin' 
J'ai du bon tabac 
Jugo amb el temps 
Just a swing 
L'oca grisa 
La bella bèstia
La pastoreta 
Minuet (J. P. Kriger) 
Minuet (àlbum d'A. M. Bach) (C. Petzold) 
Mysterious blues 
On top of old 
Petit estudi 
Romanç anònim 
Scarborough fair 
Scheinen sie o-Glocken 
Set pometes 
She'll be comin' round the mountain 
Shoo fly
Skip to my love 
Te Deum (M. A. Charpentier) 
The big corral 
We wish you a merry christmas 
When the saints go marxing in' Winter, ade!

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