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Biblioteca de Catalunya
The mission of the Library of Catalonia is to collect, preserve and disseminate the Catalan bibliographic production and the related with the Catalan linguistic area, ensuring the preservation and diffusion of the bibliographic heritage and maintain the condition of consultation center and scientific research of universal character both in the analog and digital context.

Music Publishers Guild of Catalonia (GEMC in Catalan). The main task entrusted to its members was to facilitate the necessary tools for the disclosure of the companies itself, and, definitely, to make these more competitive in the global music market.

Museu de la Música
The permanent exhibition includes about five hundred instruments from different periods and cultures, a collection that is considered one of the most important in the Spanish State.

Fundació Casals
The mission of the Foundation has been to preserve and disseminate the human and musical legacy of the Master, promoting actions and projects for these purposes.

Fundació Blancafort
The Foundation aims to preserve, study, promote and disseminate the heritage of master Blancafort and to maintain a continuous work of vindication of the validity of his work.

Fundació March
Created in 1955 by the Spanish financier Juan March Ordinas, the Juan March Foundation is a family, patrimonial and operational institution, which operates in the field of humanistic and scientific culture.

The Superior School of Music of Catalonia is a training center of musical superior education with vocation of public service that understands music as a multidimensional phenomenon, is committed to an integral training model, assumes a dynamic role in the music industry and the Catalan culture and it aims to become an international reference for its educational excellence.

Conservatori Liceu
It was created in 1837 and soon it was at the same level as the best educational institutions. In 1847, the institution inaugurated the Gran Teatre del Liceu. The conservatory is currently located in Carrer Nou de la Rambla in Barcelona.

Conservatori Bruc
The mission of the Municipal Conservatory of Barcelona, from its status as a public center, is to facilitate, through its educational, cultural and services, and offer a natural and participatory relationship between citizens and the music.

Acadèmia Marshall
Founded in 1901 by Enrique Granados for training and proficiency of pianists with the purpose of transmitting the art. After the death of Granados, his disciple Frank Marshall took over the management. At the Academy, they have formed an extraordinary generation of pianists and pedagogues such as Alicia de Larrocha.

Ateneu BCN
The Ateneu accompanies, from more than one hundred fifty years ago, to the Catalan society and culture with the will to be present in the intellectual debate and actively participate in the promotion and development of the country.

Fundació SGAE
SGAE, General Society of Authors and Publishers, is a private organization dedicated to collective defense and management of intellectual property rights of more than 103,000 partners. Of these, 94,084 are authors; 1,985, music publishers, and 7,397, heirs.

Associació Joaquim Malats
Joaquin Malats Association was created in 2012 and aims to discover and divulge the figure and work of Malats. It is driven by Melani Mestre and led by Montserrat Tanganelli Malats, great-granddaughter of the composer.

Catalunya Música
The program includes a wide range of genres and classic styles of all time to make a full and specialized proposal to satisfy the musical tastes of the most demanding listener and at the same time, for accompanied with the best music suitable for all audiences.

Revista musical catalana
The new stage of the Revista Musical Catalana (Catalan Musical Magazine) responds to the need for renewal of a historical publication, of independent editorial line, in the field of diffusion and study of Catalan music, which wants to remain the leader in the field of Catalan culture.

Revista 440 Clàssica
Revista 440 Clàssica (440 Classic magazine) gives the reader a specialized media that cover the genres of early, classical, contemporary music and opera in our country, and is published in paper and digital format bimonthly.

Revista Doce Notas
It is a magazine of music and dance founded in 1996 by composer Jorge Fernández Guerra and the art critic Gloria Collado. It wants to serve as a bridge between the professional sectors of music and amateur ambit.

Música y Educación
It is the oldest and most prestigious music education magazine published in Spain. Mainly made for professionals of musical education at all educational levels, but also for everyone who wants to keep informed about the developments in research, teaching resources, publications, musical scores, contests, etc.

Catalan Arts
Catalan Arts is the portal of Catalan cultural industries managed by the Department of Market of l'Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals, ICEC.



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