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  • Concert de Rialp

    Autor: TORRENT, Jaume
    Reg.: B.3610
    Symphonic orchestra: With soloist(s).
    Guitarra y Orquesta sinfónica

  • Mar i cel, cor final (red.)

    Autor: GUINOVART, Albert
    Reg.: B.2830b
    Choir: With accompaniment; Mixt.
    Coro mixto y Piano

  • Vals, op. 34 nº 2

    Autor: CHOPIN, Frédéric
    Reg.: B.1415

  • Marcha turca

    Autor: MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus
    Reg.: B.1569
    Duos: With piano.
    Violín y Piano

  • Mar i cel

    Autor: GUINOVART, Albert
    Reg.: B.2690
    Duos: With piano; With voice.
    Trios: With piano; With voice.
    Choir: With accompaniment; Mixt; With soloist(s).
    Voces, Coro mixto y Piano

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