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Boileau Publishing House is very significative both for the high production volumes and for its wide experience and historical feedback. It is also a publishing house with a very clear desire to sneak into the Catalan music society. This fact is conceived due to its commercial implantation, the dynamization of the concert atmosphere and the music society that belongs to. In this case, other aspects to highlight are the will of promotion of the Catalan composers and its link to musical education, as it produces loads of pedagogical material.

One of the characteristics more distinctive of Boileau is the high quality of its editions. High institutions as Abadía de Montserrat or Musicology Institute, as well as public and private organizations, have relied on this publishing house to publish its works.

The editions dedicated to music education have always had a very important role in the production. The company was also quite successful due to the lack of pedagogic material in Spain, which allowed Boileau to fill the gap of this field. For years now, it has reached almost every single conservatory and music schools, providing them the latest pedagogical methods. Moreover, its section of specialized books has become bigger and wider thanks to the interest of professional music, who have come to Boileau looking for the material they needed.

Plus, Boileau Publishing House has always shown interest in taking part in the Catalan music society. That is why it has always been engaged with the publication of the current music. On its catalog, it is found a wide variety of languages and styles, either from the classic repertoire as from the other formations, and it embraces the popular collection of Música del siglo XX y XXI. Boileau is proud of having chosen the quality of its compositions and pedagogical in the election of the plays of our authors, without judging its fame or recognition, in a very close relationship with them, helping them and guiding them during the edition and production of its book.

Nowadays, the publishing house is trying to recover the works from some Catalan composers of the last century that were lost either because of the Spanish civil war, or the small musical tradition in Spain. Pau Casals or Joaquín Malats are some of the great composers whose work is being recovered, as well as the publication of all the unseen material of Frederic Mompou, or the work Iberia of Isaac Albéniz, revisited and commented by Albert Nieto. One of the most ambitious projects, though, has been the publication of the play for piano of Enric Granados, revisited and directed by the pianist Alicia de Larrocha. 

The commercial and personal relationship with foreign companies of the same field has been running for years, which has let the publishing house to be present in countries like France, Germany and the USA. Boileau bets on Catalonia and it has become a reference key of the Catalan music inside and outside our country and works to expand our music to the world.

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