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Correspondencia epistolar de Enrique Granados



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  • Review: PERANDONES, Míriam
  • Genres: Musicología: Biografías / Memorias; Historia; Transcripciones.
  • Language: Español / Castellano
  • Language of the comment: Spanish
  • Product format: Libro
  • Period: 1st half S. XX
  • Publishing house: Editorial Boileau
  • No. of pages: 540
  • Measure: 246,00 x 173,00 cm
  • ISBN: 978-84-15381-61-7
  • ISMN: 979-0-3503-3679-9
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This work consists of the compilation, chronological arrangement and critical edition of 506 letters written by Enrique Granados or addressed to him by his family environment and by figures of great importance to the musical history of Spain. Some of the 83 senders or recipients are Felipe Pedrell, Gabriel Rodríguez, Salvador Andreu, Isaac Albéniz, Pau Casals, Harold Bauer, René de Castéra, Edvard Grieg, Rafael Mitjana, Nemesio Otaño, Ernest Schelling, Amadeo Vives or Ricardo Viñes. A large percentage of the letters are addressed to his wife and in-laws, which has made it possible to create a family tree, included here, that explains their most intimate personal relationships.

The epistolary reveals new information about the composer's personal and professional life, and offers information about the historical stage and the cultural environment in which he lived. A part of these results is offered in the extensive "Introduction and Preliminary Study" carried out by the musicologist Miriam Perandones, author of this edition. To carry out this work, he has consulted numerous archives in Spain, the rest of Europe and America, described in the section dedicated to its elaboration process ("On the trail of Granados"). Some of the funds consulted are those of the Barcelona Music Museum, the National Library of Catalonia, the Fundación Juan March, the Bergen Public Library (Norway) or the International Piano Archives in Maryland (USA).

This epistolary has an appendix dedicated to the biographical profiles of correspondents who do not belong to their family, a name index and a general bibliography, the purpose of which is to facilitate searches for the reader.

Miriam Perandones is a Senior Piano Teacher, with a degree in History and Music Sciences and a PhD from the University of Oviedo. Her research specialization starts from the study and musical analysis of Enrique Granados' song, and she is the author of numerous articles on this composer in magazines and publications of reference. Currently, he continues several lines of research on Spanish music and musical theater during the Bourbon Restoration (1874-1931), as well as the analysis of this repertoire. She is a professor at the University of Oviedo.

- Agradecimientos
- Abreviaturas
- Prólogo de Walter Aaron Clark

- Casticismo goyesco: un nuevo españolismo y una técnica innovadora
- Enrique Granados a través de su correspondencia
- Perfil humano
- Entorno familiar y profesional durante su niñez y juventud
- Amparo del maestro: su familia política
- El "Grieg" español: Las Danzas españolas (1890 - 1913)
- Madrid: un catálogo y una etapa redescubiertos (1894 - 1898)
- Granados, Pedrell y el "krausoinstitucionismo"
- Pau Casals e Isaac Albéniz, dos amistades fraternales
- Un modernizador de la sociedad musical: educador, empresario e intérprete en giras camerísticas
- El concepto originario de Goyescas y la conversión de Granados en un compositor universal
- Viaje a Nueva York: Ernest Schelling y Amparo Gal

TRAS LA PISTA DE GRANADOS (Proceso de elaboración del epistolario)
- Orden cronológico
- Centros de documentación y archivos españoles
- Centros de documentación y archivos extranjeros
- Revisión bibliográfica - Estructura
- Criterios de transcripción

- Cartas de 1892
- Cartas de 1893 a 1896
- Cartas de 1897 a 1910
- Cartas de 1911 a 1914
- Cartas de 1915 a 1916
- Cartas de condolencia (1916)

PERFILES BIOGRÁFICOS (Corresponsales y colaboradores)
- Índice onomástico
- Bibliografía
- Galería fotográfica