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Pentagrama - Lenguaje Musical 1 (castellano)

Elemental 1 (castellano)

Lenguaje musical


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  • Genres: Musical education: Hearing; Dictation; Musical language; Solfège; Theory and analysis.
  • Language: Español / Castellano
  • Product format: Libro+cd/dvd
  • Difficulty level: Elementary
  • Period: 2nd half S. XX - XXI
  • Publishing house: Editorial Boileau
  • Collection: Pentagrama
  • Illustrator: AMAT CUNNINGTON, Carmen; CASANOVA, Anna; FORNÉ, Lali
  • No. of pages: 124
  • Measure: 31,00 x 23,00 cm
  • ISBN: 978-84-15381-92-1
  • ISMN: 979-0-3503-3822-9
  • Available in digital: No
  • Available for rent: No

New edition!
Book in Spanish, Spanish version: B.3196.

Lenguaje Musical method of the PENTAGRAMA collection is structured in four volumes that fully cover the Grado Elemental. Their pleasant and at the same time rigorous approaches are presented in an orderly, progressive and practical way; and its theoretical concepts, explained in a concise and clear way, have an immediate application thanks to the abundant material that accompanies each chapter.

Given the good reception of the books in this collection published for the first time in November 1998, a review and update of the four books that comprise it has begun. A renewed, updated version with expanded content in order to adapt to the new times.

Aware of the pedagogical importance of incorporating new technologies in the study of music, PENTAGRAMA incorporates a CD where the repertoire songs, solfing melodies, some dictations, and the listening of the instruments explained in each are recorded. Unit. This material is an excellent tool for both school and individual study.

The book consists of ten units, each one structured in six sections. At the end of the book the Workbook is also incorporated, structured in ten units and six sections.

The sections are:

  • THEORY. It contains the basic fundamental concepts of music theory, explained in a clear and progressive way.
  • RHYTHM. In him diverse poliritmias are practiced (at individual and collective level), as well as obstinate and rhythmic canons. The word is also used a lot as an aid to the precision and identification of rhythm and it begins with the work of creativity. All exercises can be performed in different ways (with the hands, percussion instruments, etc.).
  • INTONATION. The work started from the Sol and E notes is successively expanded with the incorporation of the notes until completing the C Major scale. The solfing melodies of this book are recorded on a CD with vibraphone sound and piano accompaniment (at two speeds, one for study and the other for final), in addition to only the accompaniment appearing without the help of the melody at the end of the disc.
  • CONCEPTS / REPERTOIRE. The contents related to general aspects of music are explained and different songs are collected that link to the exercises and melodies worked in the intonation section.
  • DICTATION. Exercises for ear training, always in relation to the intonation and rhythm sections. On the CD there is a dictation for each unit, recorded with two instruments: on the one hand with a piano and on the other with the instrument that is studied in the listening section of each unit.
  • INSTRUMENT / AUDITION. An instrument and the explanation of its basic characteristics are presented in each unit. An audition of this instrument also appears with the biographical review of the composer of the work.

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